Zia Ur Rehman

A journalist and researcher focusing Pakistan

About Zia Ur Rehman

Zia Ur Rehman is a freelance journalist and researcher and has, mainly, been writing for the New York Times, Nikkei Asia, and Voice of America, among others. Until recently, he was associated with The News International, as a senior reporter. His work has also been published in different national and international media outlets including TRT World, Times, The National, CTC Sentinel, Jamestown Foundation, Dawn, and The Friday Times.

Rehman has also worked with the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), Management Systems International (MSI)-USAID, Chemonics International, Open Society Foundation, DW Akademie, and Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), and Labour Education Foundation (LEF).

His book ‘Karachi in Turmoil’ was published in 2013, containing a detailed coverage of the ethnic violence in Karachi and the presence of Taliban militants. He also contributed a chapter on Pashtuns in Karachi in the book ‘Cityscapes of Violence in Karachi: Publics and Counterpublics’ published in 2017 by the C. Hurst & Co. In his chapter, Rehman highlights multiple pressures experienced by the politics of the Pashtun community in Karachi. According to a book review published in Herald  magazine, one of the interesting features in his very cogent analysis is how the jihadi groups in Karachi appropriated criminal methods of extortion in order to raise funds and in doing so ended up harassing their own core ethnic group — Pashtuns, specifically wealthy transporters and businessmen in the community

Specialties: Electoral politics, Conflict resolution, Organised Crime, Religious and ethnic movements, Minorities, Religion, Human rights, and Social justice.

2 thoughts on “About Zia Ur Rehman

  1. Dear Mr. Rehman, I would like to interview you on Karachi (TTP, al-Qaeda connection, involvement in extortions and killings, CPLC and present policies against crime) – also with reference to “Karachi in Turmoil”. My name is Burkhard Weitz, I am editor of chrismon, a Germany based magazine with a circulation of 1.6 mio. Do you have time during the coming week? Approximate length: 45 minutes on telephone. Pakistan is 4 hrs ahead in time, so I would preferably call you after 1 pm your local time. Sincerely Burkhard Weitz

  2. Assalam o alaikum
    i am student MS comparative studies of religion in International islamic university islamabad. i am going to investigate the matter of forced conversion of hindus in sind. dear if you have valid proofs or if you can help me to meet the effected families I shall be very grateful to you. forced conversion is of course against the teachings of Islam. and i want to expose those people who are behind it. surely they are not only defaming country but also defacing islam. if you have valid proofs please share with me. i assure you my sincerity and objectiveness and neutrality.

    moreover guide me to the sources to where i can get more informations about forced conversions of hindus in Sindh

    M.Phill International Islamic University Islamabad

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