by Zia Ur Rehman


Central Asia Online

KARACHI – Sindh’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has arrested three suspects belonging to the Abu Mansoor group of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The three were involved in assassinations of “pro-government” Swat residents visiting Karachi, officials said.

Central Asia Online exclusively reported that TTP Swat militants who fled to Karachi after a military operation began in Swat have been assassinating pro-government Swat residents under cover of the targeted killings.

After reports from intelligence agencies and media suggested dozens of Swat anti-Taliban peace committee members had been killed in the past year in Karachi, CID personnel raided Orangi Town’s Sector 10-1/2 under the supervision of Superintendent of Police (SP) Fayyaz Khan May 19, said a CID official.

Police arrested Alamzaib (alias Noor Shah), Hassan Daar (alias Sheena) and Enamur Rehman, Karachi Police Chief Ahmed Mirza said. Hit lists containing names of political leaders and officials from CID Sindh and intelligence agencies were found in their possession, he said.

Police also recovered 20kg of explosives, two hand grenades and other arms, he added.

The arrested militants were associated with TTP Swat’s Abu Mansoor Group in the valley but in Karachi, they were working for the Omer Mufi group of the TTP, he said, adding that the held militants were also involved in robberies and kidnapping the businessmen for ransom to generate funds for the militant outfit, he added.

Alamzaib, in Swat, worked for a TTP local commander Akram aka Mohsin, belonging from Fateh Pur area and after joining the group, the former started to target government and military installations, said a CID official, citing the information obtained upon interrogation at the department.

Alamzaib aka Noor Shah

Following the successful military operation against the TTP in Swat, Alamzaib fled to Karachi, where he joined the TTP’s Omar Mufti and allegedly killed 18 people who were either suspected for providing information on the militants to law enforcement agencies or those who were key member of anti-Taliban peace committees in Swat, the CID official added.

Daar, another held suspect, was also an active member of the TTP and worked for the Adeel, a local commander in Matta area of Swat. Daar was also deputed with the task of targeting military personnel in Swat but due to the military operation, he also fled to Karachi where he targeted Swat’s people residing here who were suspected for giving information to Police, the CID disclosed.

Hassan Daar aka Sheena

Enamur Rehman, the third suspect, was trained for carrying out suicide attacks and was waiting for a directive from Mufi. Rehman, who joined the TTP in 2008 in Swat and worked under the local commander Hamzullah, also moved to Karachi following the military operation against militants in Swat, the CID official told the Central Asia Online.

Enamur Rehman

The three held militants were suspected of being involved in the murders of dozens of anti-Taliban people which include: Fazal Mohammad (a constable of Swat’s special Police Force) in SITE-A, Nasir Khan (A leader of Swat’s anti-Taliban peace committee in Kabal) in Peerabad, Farman Ali in Peerabad, Zahoor Ali in SITE-A, Mohammed Shakirullah Khan in SITE-A, Mohammed Ali in Peerabad and Farooq Ahmed in Momin Abad, along with several others.

The militants hiding in Karachi have been killed many elders of Swat in Karachi who were very helpful to the government during the military operation”, said She Shah, a parliamentarian from Swat valley, told the Central Asia Online.

“Government should also launch a “selective and surgical” operation against the militants who are working in different outfits in Karachi and killing peace committee members there”, Shah said.

“Recent arrests of the Swat’s militants by the CID in Karachi are of significant importance as the held militants were hardcore members of TTP Swat chapter, an official in Swat Police told the Central Asia Online.

Ibn-e-Aqeel aka Khog ans Sher Muhammad aka Yaseen are also key commanders of Swat militants hiding in Karachi who are also amongst the most wanted people in Swat, he said, adding that both are leading a group which mainly targets the anti-Taliban elders of Swat travelling to Karachi for personal and business reasons, he added.

20 kilogrammes of explosives, two hand grenades and three TT pistols along with bullets was recovered during the raid from possession of the militants.

Most of the militants fled from Swat following the military operation to Karachi have joined the ranks of the TTP-linked banned Jihadi outfits especially Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jaish-e-Muhammad and Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, in Karachi, he said.